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Q: The feature which used to allow me to connect via a drop down list within Internet Explorer seems to be missing?

A: We have removed this feature as it is no longer supported in modern browsers.

Q: When I logon the screen is very jumpy/jerky or slow to update, and sometimes disconnects.

A: The main cause of this is that your internet connection may be very busy due to a number of reasons ie: poor wireless connection, downloading updates, and so on.

In some minor cases, you may just have a connection speed which is too slow for our service to work comfortably. Causes for this may include: Living in a rural area where you may be too far from your local Telephone Exchange, your download speed has been throttled down due to any number of reasons, or maybe you have a telephone line fault.

To improve performance, first try lowering the screen size setting. If no better, try contacting your Internet Service Provider first to see if there is a problem with your broadband and then your Telephone Service Provider if there's a possible fault on your line.

Q: I have an Apple Mac or MacBook, I've clicked on one of the alternate browser/platform buttons at the bottom of the page and it's asking me to open a .rdp file.

A: Previously, clicking any of these buttons has prevented non-IE users from accessing our Remote Access service (it opened each link as text in the browser), this has since been changed to force the majority of browsers to ask whether you want to open or download the .rdp file. However, getting it to launch a Remote Desktop session is the next hurdle as you may find it asking you what to open the file up with.

We used to have instructions (and a download link) here on how to install "Remote Desktop Connection for Mac", however this is no longer fully compatible and we recommend that you install the latest version of Microsoft's Remote Desktop app from Apple's App Store and remove any previous versions installed on your Mac.

If you are still using a PowerPc-based Mac, you will need to download the files located here and follow the instructions there on how to install. We cannot however guarantee that this will work properly and cannot support a connection in this way.

Q: I use Linux/an iPad/an iPhone/Android/ChromeOS/etc... - OR - I use Firefox/Opera/Safari/Chrome/the browser on my mobile device/etc...

A: Although we have provided instructions above for connecting to our service on a Windows PC running Internet Explorer or an Intel-based Apple Computer running many common browsers, it is near impossible for us to provide instructions for connecting using every possible combination of Platforms and Browsers that users may be using.

If you're using something other than what we've given instructions for, the best thing you can do is search for a guide to opening .RDP files on your particular platform. For example: let's say you're running Ubuntu Linux; you would search along the lines of "how to open .rdp files in Ubuntu Linux".

Despite Remote Desktop being a proprietary "Closed Source" system by Microsoft, you'd be surprised how many other platforms it is supported on, and how much information is available on the internet to guide you in opening .RDP files on your chosen platform/browser.
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